The best suited for the uses shown !
Each has its own strengths, because every professional activity is specific and requires custom made clothing! Flexibility, durability, insulation! Our fabric range matches the very individual expectations of every worker.
On the cutting edge of innovation : Leader in our market, we develop highly technical exclusive fabrics that are precursors when it comes to performance, safety and comfort. New techniques have been implemented for the good of users and the environment!

Fabric composition: We “jealously” guard the secrets of our fabrics! Some have been used exclusively by Guy Cotten for decades: Nylpeche fabric, Cap-Coz fabric, etc.

All our fabrics have been chosen because they provide real weather protection, while remaining comfortable inside. Associated with “good fabrics”, we take great care and are pragmatic in the making of our garments, which is what makes them reliable no matter what the weather is like!

All these weights mean + or – 10%

420 Fabric

Resistant. Double-sided coating. Fabric coated on both sides. Its weight, toughness and suppleness make it a fabric with great strengths Composition: polyester (100 g/m2). Coating: Double-sided PVC (300 g/m²). Total weight: 400/420 g m².

ACTIV Fabric

Stretch fabric that is a joy to wear next to your skin. Stretch fleece with a structure that keeps air inside the garment, making it an excellent insulator. Breathable fabric, keeping you dry even when you perspire. Dries very quickly. Composition: polyester (100 g/m²). Total weight: 400/420g/m².


The Aquastar fabric is breathable. Its weight, 230 g/m², makes it a strong fabric that is very pleasant to wear for sailing activities or at the seaside.

BLOCK Fabric

Thick and highly resistant, this high-frequency weld fabric par excellence is used to make top quality waterproof bags. Multilayer PVC anti-UV, 3D version white or beige. Double-sided PVC coating. Total weight: 850 g/m².


100% Cotton 295g/m²

CAP COZ Fabric

Supple and very tough. Coated on one side. A proven fabric delivering maximum comfort. The generous outer coating makes it very strong and entirely waterproof, while allowing great fl exibility. It also stands up very well to temperature variations. The interior jersey is pleasant to the touch, provides thermal insulation and reduces condensation. Composition: Polyester jersey (110 g/m2). Coating: 1 side PVC (370 g/m2). Total weight: 480 g/m2.


Resistant to cleaning products. Single-sided coating. Supple and resistant to cleaning products. Coating (370 g m²). Polyester (150 g/m²). Total weight: 475 g/m².


Tear resistant. Double-sided coating. PVC coated fabric on 2 sides on backing. Extremely long-lasting. Tough and cheap. Composition: Polyester (92 g/m2). Coating: PVC (368 g/m2). Total weight: 460 g/m2.


Heavy duty and breathable, 76.5% polyamide, 23.5% polyurethane.
1/ Central part in 3 layers:
• 2 layers are connected
• An “intelligent” non-porous molecular membrane: When body temperature rises, the membrane’s intermolecular space increases, helping moisture escape faster. Since it is not made of ordinary pores, it remains wind and waterproof. This is even the case when it is stretched considerably and subjected to the toughest wear.
• A microporous coating increases its resistance to wind and water even further.
2/ Very hard wearing outer fabric standing up to all sorts of hostile outdoor conditions (abrasion, tearing, etc.), protected with a high-performing water repellent and anti-stain treatment.
3/ Bonded interior lining. This saves the addition of an extra lining, making it high-performing, comfortable and long-lasting.

Waterproofing: 25 m water column Moisture permeability: 5000 g/m2 in 24 hours. Below 12 RET (evaporative transfer). Total weight 294 g/m2.

ECO Fabric

Extremely supple and light. Coated on one side. Polyester fabric coated with PVC on one side, 265 g/m².


Thick and highly resistant, this high-frequency weldable fabric par excellence is used to make excellent waterproof bags. Polyester double sided PVC coating Total weight: 640 g/m².


Polyester based polyurethane film 300 microns. Total weight: 370 g/m².


Supple. Generous coating on one side. Supple fabric with generous coating making it very resistant to oil, grease, and wear. Very tough and comfortable thanks to the interior textile. Composition: Polyester (50 g/m2). Coating:
PVC on one side 530 g/m². Total weight: 580 g/m2.


Very supple. Coated on one side. The incredible fl exibility of a coated high-performing textile. Polyester (65 g/m2). PVC coating (225 g/m2). Total weight: 320 g/m2.


A surprising compound made up of 5 layers for a width of only 0.5 mm. The outer jersey guarantees makes the suit highly resistant. A Titanium layer guarantees the first thermal barrier. Chloroprene (Neoprene) offers insulating properties. The internal Titanium layer keeps in body heat by reflection. The SCS (Smooth Composite Skin) is in direct contact with the skin. This material is really extraordinary. It is hydrophobic (does not absorb moisture)!

FLOTATION Foam lining

Closed-cell, non-absorbent, high density PVC foam, highly resistant to compression. Flotation is guaranteed even after extended use.


NYLPECHE Fabric (exclusive quality)

Highly tear resistant. Double-sided coating. Designed and perfected for industrial fi shing, this fabric has been adopted by the majority of fi shermen throughout the world. The care taken with the coating whose composition
is of high quality, explains this fabric’s excellent resistance to variations in temperatures, as well as oils and grease. The technical characteristics of the Nylpêche fabric provide completely waterproof garments second to none for their strength and suppleness. Composition: polyester (150 g/m2). Coating: PVC (Without overload) with a high quality composition (335 g/m2). Total weight: 485 g/m2.


Highly resistant to cleaning products. Double-sided coating. The qualities of Nylpêche with increased resistance to cleaning products. Coating (370 g/m²). Polyester 115g/m². Total weight: 485 g/m².

POL 24E Fabric

Supple, soft and bi-elastic (10% Lycra) 220g/m² fleece fabric. It has great thermal properties. Dries quickly. 100% polyester. Total weight 200 g/m².

POL 100 Fabric

The “velvet” finish creates pockets of air which retain body heat. Light, warm and breathable, it is ideal for Outdoor sports. Dries quickly. 100% polyester. Total weight 200 g/m².

POL 250 Fabric

The “velvet” finish creates pockets of air which retain body heat. Thick, warm and breathable, it is ideal for Outdoor sports. Dries quickly. 100% polyester. Total weight: 250 g/m²

POL 350 Fabric

The “velvet” finish creates pockets of air which retain body heat. Dense, warm and breathable, it is ideal for Outdoor sports. Dries quickly. 100% polyester. Total weight: 350 g/m²

SOFTWEAR Fleece Fabric

Pleasant to the touch, with characteristic softness and flexibility. Ideal for day to day use. Polyester 225 g/m² and viscose 25 g/m². Total weight 250 g/m².


Generally associated with a warm lining, this fabric has proven itself over the years. Very resistant and light. Polyamide. Polyurethane coat. Total weight 160 g/m².


Cotton 80 g/m². Polyester 170 g/m². Total weight 250 g/m². Water repellent cotton: Combination of Cotton and Polyester with a water repellent finish.


Double-sided coating. Highly resistant with a very good outer coating and inner jersey for maximum comfort. Polyester (50 g/m²). PVC coating (530 g/m2). Total weight: 580 g/m2


Maximum comfort. Extremely stretchable and warm. Patented double sided knit. The exterior stands up to wind and abrasion, the interior, made of polyester, is soft, warm and comfortable. The concept allows perspiration to escape and keeps the skin dry. Elasticated in four directions, it enables the wearing of skin tight clothing and maintains full freedom of movement. 61 % polyester. 30 % polyamide. 9 % lycra. Total weight 194 g/m².


Very supple and resistant. Coated on one side. An ideal compromise between weight and durability, it is perfectly suited to activities requiring suppleness and freedom of movement. Polyester (60 g/m2). PVC coating (260g/m2).
Total weight: 320 g/m2.

S 220 Fabric

Ribbed effect stretch fleece pullover. Dries quickly. 5% Lycra, 95% Polyester. Total weight: 220 g/m²

SPI Fabric

Very fine, this has a breathable coating. It is ideal for all windcheater articles for which the reduction in weight and space occupied is essential. 100 % polyamide – PU coated. Total weight 114 g/m².


The Sportpro Fabric is “Waterproof”, “Windproof” and “Highly breathable”. The interior membrane is extremely resistant, since it maintains a water resistance of above 10,000 mm in the water column test, even after several washes. It has an excellent water resistance to breathable ratio. 100% polyamide – polyurethane coated. Total weight 160 g/m².

VISOR Fabric

Very resistant and supple. Coated on one side. Supple waterproof fabric (EN 471) Polyester (65 g/m2). Fluorescent PVC coating (320 g/m2). Total weight: 385 g/m2.


Very supple. Coated on one side. The fabric complies with EN 471 standard (High Visibility) and EN ISO 14116 index 1/5H/40 (flame-resistant). Polyester (50 g/m²), PVC coating (300 g/m²). Total weight :
350 g m². The item itself has not been subjected to the EN ISO 20471 and  EN ISO14116 tests.