NYLPECHE (Exclusive quality)
Perfected for the commercial fishing industry, Nylpeche has been adopted by a large majority of fishermen worldwide but also in the construction, lumber, and nursery industries when a tough and rip stop fabric is needed. The attention given to the coating, which contains only pure ingredients, accounts for the fabric ability to weather extremes of temperature.
The sophistication of Nylpeche provides a 100% waterproof garment of unequally strength, at the same time retaining excellent suppleness. This fabric is now only offered in its lead free version.
Composition: highly resistant polyester (150g/m²), double sided pure PVC coating (335g/m²). Total weight: 485g/m².

An already proven waterproof fabric providing maximum comfort. The generous outer coating ensures exceptional strength and efficiency at the same time staying very supple and able to weather extremes of temperatures. The thick jersey of CAP-COZ allows for pleasant wearability, a very good thermal insulation and reduces condensation.
Composition: Jersey polyester (110g/m²), PVC coating one face (370g/m²).

Very supple fabric with a generous coating which provides a good resistance to oils and greases. Exceptional strength and comfort with a slight stretch.
Composition: polyester (70g/m²), PVC coating one face (510g/m²).

The Inside polyester combined with the suppleness of the PVC coating ensures maximum comfort and strength. Suitable for all kinds of activities. The polyester of the glentex allows for pleasant wearability.
Composition: polyester (65g/m²), PVC coating (255g/m²).